10 Hidden Islands in India probably you didn’t know!

Andaman Nicobar is the first preference that comes to the mind of Indians regarding outing for islands. In fact there are many hidden islands in India, which have been explored to a very little extent before today. Let us tell you all about 10 such hidden islands today about which many people are un aware of it.

Barain Island, Andaman –

Andaman is well known place all over the world for its beautiful island, but only limited people know about its Barain island. This beautiful island is still sightless from eyes of the people of the world.

Sao Jacinto, Goa –

The Beautiful beach destination of Goa is famous worldwide. But only few people know about its hidden islands. Sao Jacinta is such an island in south Goa which is stretched over about 22 kilometers. So far, very few people have explored it .

Diwar Island, Goa –

Situated on the Mandovi River in South Goa, the Diwar Island is hidden from the public eye. The calm atmosphere, nature and beautiful beaches of the place enhances the beauty of the island.
Kavvayi, Kerala –

This very beautiful unknown island is located in Kavvayi, Kerala. This island has been mentioned in the travel book of historians like Ibn Battuta and Marco de Polo.

Majuli Island, Assam-

Majuli is the largest river island in the world which is located in Assam . During the monsoon this entire island lies in submerged water. Only few people are familiar with its beauty.

Umananda Island, Assam –

Many beautiful places are hidden in Umananda Island of Assam inside itself. Many tourists use to visit only for the temple.

Saint Mary’s Island, Karnataka –

It is a group of four beautiful islands and also a perfect place for those who are looking for an offbeat destination.
Diu, Gujarat –It is known to very few people only and is located in Diu, Gujarat. This beautiful island will impress you because of mixed Portuguese and Gujarati culture .

Hope Island, Andhra Pradesh –

Hope Island of Andhra Pradesh can be reached by a ferry ride from Kakinanda Fort. You will never be disappointed after seeing the beauty of this island.

Quaible Island, Tamil Nadu –

Quaible Island is located at such distance from Chennai which is covered about an hour. For weekend’s people, it is great place.