5 Most Expensive Cities of the world

No wonder if you imagine about the travelling in most expensive city in the world? Start saving money from today to make it practical. You will be bound to think over it about its expensiveness after visiting once in life.  Let’s tell you about the 5 most expensive cities of the world.


For the last several years Singapore has been placed in the list of top most expensive cities. However, public transport is not expensive here exept cabs and taxis.

The government of Singapore maintains the highest rates of cars in order to manage the number of vehicles on the road. However, Singapore has a culture of food and drink followed with top housekeeping country in the world. People use to visit here from all over the world.

Paris, France

It is among the most expensive and romantic places of the world and its capital receive millions of tourists every year.It is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. The roadside small and beautiful cafes of coffee, chocolate, pastries and wine are all very expensive in Paris.

Hong Kong

It is the place in the world where only rich people use to go for vacations. You must be a millionaire, if you want to buy even a small piece of land here, as the property is costliest in the world here. This can assure you about the expensiveness of travelling around this city.

Zurich, Switzerland

It is considered to be the most expensive city in Europe for tourists. Though the whole Switzerland is expensive, yet you may return with empty pocket while traveling to Zurich. The cost of living, public transport and food are on the top here.

New York, America

It also falls in the list of the world’s most expensive cities. Everything like food, living and traveling, all are very expensive. However public transport meets the budget but hiring the taxis and cabs can be costly.