A tale of Vrindavan Holi, played 40 days before the festival!

Holi of Mathura-Vrindavan is well famous in abroad as well as in the country. People use to here from all over the country and abroad to celebrate and enjoy it. The reason behind it is the Lattmar Holi of this place. It is celebrated every year in Falgun month on the eve of Navami of the Shukla Paksha .This year, it will be celebrated on 23rd March. As per belief, Shri Krishna went to play Holi in Radha Rani’s village on this day,.

This is how this Holi begins

On Ashtami, each and every person from Nandgaon and Barsane invite the villagers to play Holi and it begins with hudge on Navami. The men of Nandgaon reach Barsane, which is six kilometers away, with merry makings. Peela Pokhar is their first stop.

After this, all people gather at Rangili Gali Chowk to play Lathmar Holi after getting darshan of Radharani temple Here people play humors by singing songs, throwing Gulal and chimes on each other. After this, the women of the Nandgaon beat the men with sticks and they defend themselves with shields. Also on this day, the men of Krishna’s village Nandgaon try to hoist the flag at the temple of Radha, located in Barsane, but the women of Barsane unite themself and try to chase them away.

Men are not allowed any form of resistance during this time. They try to hoist the flag by eluding the women after sprinkling Gulal over them. They are beaten fiercely, if they are caught, and forced to dance collectively by wearing women’s clothes and make up etc. The next day on Dashmi, the Horiyare of Barsane goes to play Holi with the Hurriyans of Nandgaon.

vrindavan Holi

This Holi is played only here

Lattmar Holi is played in Barsana and Nandgaon.cities of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh It is only the ritual of its kind in India, which takes place only in Barsana. It is believed to be started in 16th century. In this festival, the women of Barsana beats the men of Nandgaon with sticks on the day of Holi and the men defend.

Lathmar Holi is being played since the time of Shri Krishna

It is believed that Lathmar Holi is being played since the times of Lord Krishna and Radharani. Actually, at that time Lord Krishna used to reach Barsana to play Holi with his Sakhas. He then chided with Radha and her friends. Getting annoyed with their antics, Radharani and her friends used to beat Krishna and his friends with sticks. Krishna and his friends used shields and sticks to avoid their blows. Gradually, his way of playing Holi lovingly developed into a tradition and since then, Lattmar Holi is being played between Barsana and Vrindavan till date. First the people of Vrindavan reach to play Holi with the women of Barsana with a thong at the waist and on the next day the people of Barsana happily plays holi with the Vrindavan women.

A tale of Vrindavan Holi, played 40 days before the festival!