A Village of Artisans- Shilpgram; Unheard, Unexperienced, Unexplored

Be it summer, winters or rainy season, we all prefer to travel anywhere around the corner. One such city we all love to travel in Rajasthan is Udaipur. The city of Lakes, city of serenity and the city of calmness doesn’t need to be defined for travelers, as this city is always on wanderer’s mind! But there are places in Udaipur itself that’s need to be heard as they seems to be lost in the outskirts. Shilpgram is one such village, away from the 3km Udaipur city, this village is known to be the Village of artisan as it depicts the arts, culture or rural culture of Rajasthan.


Shilpgram village artists

Village of Arts and Crafts

Shilpgram is situated away from the 3kms of Udaipur city near the Havala Village. In this village you can find the small artistic huts and the artisans selling their hand made crafts. Inside the village , the huts of the members states are developed showcasing the traditional design highlights of various geological and ethnic gatherings dwelling inside the West Zone of India including five States.

Theatre at Shilpgram Village

artisans village shilpgram

One of the main objectives of Shilpgram is in the circle of expanding mindfulness and information on country’s rural, traditional and cultural life, explicitly, for the youths. Extraordinary accentuation is laid on workshops for youngsters on expressions, artworks, theater and music.