Ahmedabad Street Foods Experiences That You Must Need To Add To Your List!

Nothing could be better than great street food in the vibrant city of . There is nothing better. Here the food is attractive and full of spices and flavors. While the majority of conventional Ahmedabad food is vegetarian, some places serve even non-vegetarian food. Here you’ll get a brief glimpse of Ahmedabad’s popular street food delicacies and food markets. Test the lip-smacked street food in Ahmedabad, which waters the mouth.

Manek chowk:

Manekchowk in Ahmedabad (1)

Manekchowk in Ahmedabad (2)

Manek Chowk in old Ahmedabad is a town square with amazing food joints, surrounded by historical buildings. Here are flocks of people coming to Ahmedabad to taste the delicious street food. The perfect time to come is when the majority of your food supplies are open in the evening. The area provides a range of cuisines and foreign cuisine from all over India. Manek Chowk serves you some of the popular cuisines of Ahmedabad.

Law Garden:

It is the heart of Ahmedabad and a favorite place for businessmen and fans. The place is busy with the crowd, and the main characteristics of the place are street food which offers several different tastes. Crispy Vadas and hot dhoklas, bhaji pav, and other snacks are available here. It’s one of Ahmedabad’s finest street food spots.

Municipal Market:

In order to achieve authentic taste, Shri Bajrang chole kulche must be tried on the city market. The spicy choles with delicious kulchas, pickles, green chilies, and chutney will win hearts and make you want to do more. This place is great if you want to try the Amritsari flavour. Not just this, but there are also other stalls serving tasty meals and snacks.

HL College Road:

Friends Coffee Bar at HL

This is another location packed with fruit and food supplies serving delicious snacks and soft drinks. You can find here the wonderful Maggi and Masala Maggi vegetable cheeses, which is one of the area’s favourite rapid cuisine. There’s plenty of other fast food and sweets like tikkas and manchurians.

Induben Khakhrawala:

Khakra is one of Ahmedabad’s unique ingredients, suitable for breakfast or evening tea. It’s a light, crunchy snack that you can quickly find at several shops. It is well known among the people of Gujarati and is a must-have dish while visiting Ahmedabad. The crunchy, crispy khakhra is one of the most common street food dishes in Ahmedabad. In order to get the best khakhra in Ahmedabad, InduBen Khakhrawala, which serves 50 different tasty crunchy khakhras, should be visited.