Apart from Patola Sarees & Heritage Site Rani Ni Vaav, This delectable sweet dish is also famous in Patan!!

Gujarat is not only known for the World Heritage Sites like Rani ni Vav, Adalaj Step well, and much more, but also for its food. We definitely don’t mind trying out the delicious Ghatiya, Fafda, Undhiyu, Khandvis, Dhoklas. Apart from all these dishes, there is also a delectable sweet that one must need to try when they are in Patan, A city known for Patolas, Ran Ki Vav and much more!

Yes, we are talking about the sweet dish named Devada which is also famous in Patan, but unheard. There are many shops that sells Devada, but one of the famous shops Bhagwati Mart is most famous of all. Bhagwati Sweet Mart exists for more than 45 year old.