Five Places in Kerala to Look Up For This Summer!

The restrictions imposed over the Covid pandemic, are being lifted due to sufficient decrease in cases day by day. So looking over the situation one can plan to travel in Summer Days and Kerala seems to be a good option.

Kerala in April and May: This state of India is not less than a heaven, particularly for those people who are interested to see the natural beauty during outing in the month of April and May. It is also known as the “Own Country of the God” so it is the best place to visit just before the summer starts. The main attraction of this state is its backwaters where you can do a memorable journey through houseboats.

One can hardly get the experience of seeing the clear waters of the sea, lakes, swaying coconut trees and greenery all around anywhere else.


It is the second largest city of Kerala and also known as Calicut. This place is famous for beautiful backwaters and is considered to be the best place for those who want to realize the rural area of Kerala. Staying can be planned in a houseboat instead of a hotel and watching of birds can also be enjoyed in this area.


Established in 1966, it is a beautiful city in Kerala. This is the biggest point of attraction of northern Kerala. This city is also known as Sapta Bhasha Sangam Bhoomi. The backwater of this place is entirely different from any other place.


It is such a place in Kerala which needs no introduction. This place has got very good popularity in the world in field of photography and Bollywood. It is included among the magical hill stations of India and also known for its circulatory paths and prized tea gardens.


It is also known as the Venice of the East due to its most popular backwater destination, Alappuzha (Alleppey). It is an ideal place for nature lovers, where they can just hear the sounds of water, wind and birds.


This distinct and beautiful hill station of Kerala has no words to describe. The best month to enjoy the beauty of Vagamo is March as there is neither too hot nor cold in this month. The adventure lovers like this place very much due to activities like trekking and hiking.