Follow these easy steps to link COVID-19 vaccine certificate with passport

A nationwide lockdown was enforced for several months due to the delta strain of Corona virus which caused many countries of the world to put a ban on the flights coming from India. But now, due to the low corona infection and higher recovery rate of infected patients is increasing day by day and because of this the situation is returning to normal. Due to improvement in situation, the lockdown has been lifted in many states and subsequently national and international air routes have also started the operation.

This is great news for tourists as they can travel once again but it would be mandatory to link the Covid-19 vaccination certificate with Passport, failing which, one cannot travel abroad. To link the COVID-19 vaccine certificate with the passport, you need to follow these easy steps

How to link

-First visit to website and login.

– select the option of raise an issue.

– choose the passport option & enter the passport number.

-Finally, you will get the submit option.

-On clicking this, the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate will be linked to your passport.

– You will get the new certificate In few seconds.

Be sure that there should be a name in the vaccine certificate and passport. In case of existence of any error, you get one time option to rectify the name on Aarogya Setu. For this, be careful while correcting the name and then vaccine certificate can be linked with the passport. After completing this procedure, one can enjoy traveling abroad without any worries.