Gorging for Sweets in India? Here are 4 cities you should visit once!

 If you are fond of eating sweets, these 4 cities of India will looks like a paradise.

 It would be better to tell you about those cities of India, where culinary arts are built inherent. Especially The special sweets of these cities  have got recognition all over the world and tourists use to come from thousands of miles away to taste it.  You must visit these cities if you are also fond of eating delicious sweets.

The tradition of sweets like Rasgulla, Ghevar, Jalebis, Rabri or Khaja has been very old in our culture. It is our tradition to eat sweets and distribute it to celebrate the happiness. The hospitality is considered incomplete if it is un-served after the meal. It was a matter of traditions and cultures. There are many cities of India which are known all over the world for their culinary skills and dishes of delicious sweets.

Let us tell you about those 4 cities of India with inherent culinary art and  these cities have got special recognition in sweets all over the world and tourists used to come  from thousands of miles away to taste it. If you are also fond of eating sweets, you definitely visit these cities and enjoy delicious sweets.

4 cities in India that are famous for sweets


The name of Kolkata comes up on every tongue when we talk about the sweets. You will find sweet shops at every corner of the street here. It can be undeniably called with a title of the sweetest city in India. The traditional sweets are available at the shops of Balram Malik, Radharaman Malik, Nakur & Girish Sons, Bhimnag. In winters, Nolen Gur Payesh, which is a Bengali kheer made from palm jaggery, should be tasted by everyone. Apart from this, no one can forget Patishapta, made from coconut and dry fruits. Also, you can enjoy the taste of several types of Bengali sondesh.Contrary to this; you can get traditional rasgulla, baked rasgulla and thousands of sweets made from fresh chhenna, in the streets.


The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, is well known for its cuisine for centuries.  Gourmand from all over the world reaches here and enjoys the flavours.  A lot of tasty eatables are found here other than kababs and biryani. The variety of sweets will be ready to welcome you in winter. Black carrot halwa, butter cream, revdi, shahi tukda, malai ki gilori and different types of pedas, can be made available only in Lucknow. Chhappan Bhog Sweet Shop is one of the oldest sweet shop in the city where every tourist must taste.


It is also known as the Mecca of food lovers. Though this city is known all over the world for tandoori tikkas and parathas dipped in ghee, yet let us tell you that this place is not less than a heaven for sweet lovers too. Everybody likes Besan Laddu and Pinni of Amritsar. Here, delicious phirni and hot jalebis can be seen everywhere on the streets and roads. You can taste the creamy lassi when you visit this city, without which there is nothing to taste. The Mango and Kesar Lassi, Fruit Cream and Kulfi are really specialty of this place. Actually Kulfa is a Kulfi Falooda topped up with phirni .The special flavor is given to it with gum and rose water and rabri is also added to it. Kulfi cannot be made available anywhere except Amritsar.


You must try Sagar Ratna’s Sunoli (sweet pancakes) at Oceanic Park Hotel, if you are looking for some traditional desserts here . You can have the taste of famous bun of Mangalore at New Taj Mahal Cafe.  Chiroti is Another unique flavor of Karnataka that you can taste in Manglore. Infact it is fried flaky pastry. If you are fond of ice cream,  go to Mangalore’s famous ice cream shop Pabbas. Many unique flavors can be found here apart from anywhere else.