Lucknow foods That Are Absolutely Worth Travelling For

Lucknow is well known as the city of Nawabs. This city is famous not only for Pertain but also for food. Many historical buildings and beautiful towers are there. At the same time, flavors of tikka and kabab multiply the taste. Rather than this, Lucknow is popular for many other flavors too. If you get an opportunity to visit Lucknow, definitely taste these flavors. Let’s tell you all about this.

Basket Chat of Gomti Nagar

Definitely delight the basket chat whenever you visit Lucknow for a trip. Though basket chaat can be enjoyed all over Lucknow, but the Gomti Nagar chaat is something different.

Kachalu Chaat of Aminabad

You can delight the Kachalu Chaat of Aminabad also on the next day of basket chaat. In Aminabad you can find many kind of snacks to eat , but there is no comparation of kachlu chaat with street foods.

Aminabad’s kulfi

Aminabad’d kulfi

After eating tikkas and kababs, the next thing in the row, is Amirabad’s Kulfi and it is well enjoyed while returning from Lucknow. Taste of Prakash’s Kulfi in Aminabad is quit famous.

Malai Gilori

malai gilori

The Nawabs were fond of eating betel. This tradition still continues. You must eat Nawabi Paan when you visit Lucknow. It can be easily found all over Lucknow, but Malai Gillouri of Ramasare’s shop is more famous. At Ramasare’s shop, it is available in two varieties, namely plain malai and saffron malai .

Wahid’s Biryani

Wahid biryani

As soon as Biryani’s name comes on tip, mouth starts watering. It is found easily in every corner of the country. However, Muradabadi and Hyderabadi Biryani is unbeatable. Its taste can be found in Moradabad and Hyderabad. Apart from this, you can taste Biryani in Lucknow also. Especially Wahid’s biryani, which is famous all over Lucknow. The shop was established in 1955 and situated in Aminabad.