Must visit Shatrunjaya Hill once if you want to be in heaven

Presently people are habitual of passing stressful lives. This affects the mental and physical health. A per opinion of experts, people should do meditation in order to enjoy stress-free life. Also lifestyle should be improved. Apart from this, one should spend some time with nature. For this, doctors recommend people to join the spiritual center. If you too are planning to go out for mental peace, you can visit Shatrunjaya Hill. This hill is nothing short of enjoying at heaven and is famous worldwide for spirituality and peace. Let us tell you if you are unaware about this hill.

Location of Shatrunjaya hill

Shatrunjaya Hill

This hill is located near Palitana which is a historical city of Gujarat state. There are five hills around this city. The most sacred out of them is Shatrunjaya hill. Hundreds of Jain temples are there on this hill. The site is located at an altitude of 164 feet above sea level. There are 865 temples on this hill and you have to go through 375 stairs of stones to reach the hill. Shatrunjaya literally means victory.

It is a proverb that temples were built 900 hundred years ago. Huge people gather on the Shatrunjaya hill on the day of Kartik Purnima, which falls in the months of November and December. It is believed that Adinath, the founder of Jainism, performed a hard penance under a tree on the top. There is a temple of Adinath at this place today. A tomb of Muslim saint Angar Pir is also there in the temple complex. He defended the Shatrunjaya hill from the Mughals. Due to this, Muslim people, who follow Saint Angar Pir, also visit at Shatrunjaya hill and offer prayers at the tomb. So whenever you get the opportunity, must visit to Shatrunjaya Hill once.