Omicron Variant Effect: New guidelines implemented at Airports

The decision to start international flights from December 15, has been postponed because of the new variant Omicron of the Covid-19 virus. As per report of Aviation regulator DGCA  the decision of international flights starting from December 15 has been put on hold for the time being,. New date will be announced soon. This decision has been taken in view of entry of Omicron.

New guidelines implemented at the airport

The guidelines issued regarding the new variant of Corona, have been enforced to all airports and passengers from Wednesday i.e. December 1.

Now RT-PCR test will be mandatory for passengers coming from at risk countries with travel history .

12 countries have been put in the at risk category. Passengers coming from these countries will have to undergo for Kovid test at the airport.

– Till receipt of report you will have to stay at the airport and to be quarantined for 7 days even if report is negative.

7 days quarantine required for passengers coming from ‘at risk’ countries in Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government has made it mandatory to complete 7 days of institutional quarantine for all passengers coming from at-risk countries. According to sources, all such passengers are being sent to the Compulsory Isolation w.e.f.  Wednesday .  Administration has selected some hotels in order to regulate it where in the cost of isolation period will have to be borne by the passenger himself.

Ban has been enforce for 619 days

The government has banned international flights for about last 619 days. The international flights were banned on March 22, just 3 days prior to Corona lockdown.

The lifting of ban was announced on 26 November in which it was announced that regular international flights would start from December 15 except 14 countries.

However, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, China, Mauritius, Singapore, Bangladesh, Botswana, Zimbabwe and New Zealand were excluded from the list.