Planning for Ranchi ? Must Visit these gems!

The capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi, has been placed the third most famous city of the state. It is also called the city of waterfalls. The city is well known across the world for its natural beauty. The former captain of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, belongs to this place. Contrary to this, Ranchi is also famous for tourism. There are many perfect destinations to visit around this city. A large number of tourists visit Ranchi every year. Let us tell you some popular beautiful places of this city.

Dasam waterfall

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The Dasam waterfall is one of the most famous destinations which is just 40 kilometers away from Ranchi. It originates from Kachni river. Dasam means the accumulation of water, as per local language. This waterfall is visited by the large number of tourists.

Tagore Hill

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This hill has been named after Rabindranath Tagore. This place was one of the favorite places of Tagore, as per historians. It is situated at an altitude of 300 feet. It is one of the perfect destinations for climbers.

Sun temple

This temple, situated at the distance of 37 km from Ranchi, is built of marble. Lord Surya is seated on a chariot of 18 wheels and 7 horses in this temple. On 25th January of every year, a fair is organized in the courtyard of the Temple.

Ranchi Lake

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It was built in the year 1842 with the facility of boating. A large number of tourists visit Ranchi Lake for boating.

Hill temple

It is located at 2140 feet above the sea level. The statue of Lord Shiva has been placed in this temple. Reverent climbs 300 steps up to the top in order to get the blessings after seeing Baba.