Ramnaami of Chhattisgarh, read below more about this community


  1. There is a community in Chhattisgarh which is known as Ramnami.
  2. People here get Ram’s name tattooed on their entire body.
  3. These people do not burn dead bodies and live in simple houses.

A festival like atmosphere is seen in the country today. Ram’s name is visible everywhere. A different kind of enthusiasm and joy is being seen among the devotees. Many big personalities have participated in the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, but at the same time there is also a small part of the country which neither has any special significance with the Ram temple nor the idol, but every day is dedicated to the Ram irrespective of time.

Ramnami Community:

There is a community in Chhattisgarh which is known as Ramnami. It is a Hindu community founded by Parashurama, who worships Lord Rama. The people here are completely engrossed in devotion to Ram which can be guessed just by looking at them. His devotion to Ram is so ingrained in him that tey have got the name ‘Ram’ tattooed all over his body, which is an expression of his deep connection with Lord Ram. For this community, Ram is an integral part of their culture. Devotion to Lord Ram and praising him is the main purpose of his life.

When was this Community Established?

This community was founded in 1870 by Parashuram Ji of Satnami community of Charpara village of Janjgir Champa district  who got Ram’s name tattooed for the first time.

The People of Ramnami Community looks like:

Ram’s name is inscribed on almost every part of their body. These people have a special identity of wearing Ramnami chadar on their body with peacock feather turban and on their head and ghungroo.

Ramnami Community Houses:

The houses of the people of Ramnami community are very simple which describes their simple lifestyle. The architecture of these houses made of mud or bamboo is special.

Dead bodies are not burnt:

People of Ramnami community do not burn the dead bodies, but merge them into the five elements.They believes that they cannot see the name of Ram burning in front of them.

Skills of People of Ramnami Community:

People of this community have involved themself in making natural ink. This ink is used for chanting and worshiping the name of Ram. This ink is prepared using traditional methods in which red colored flower petals are used. It takes a lot of time and effort to give the ink a thick color.