Switzerland has World’s Slowest Train, You Can Witness The Most Beautiful Sights!

Glacier Express runs through the high hills of Switzerland.

Russian diplomats going from North Korea to Moscow had to travel by train for about 34 hours instead of flight. Since then, the train facility is being made fun of there. Although the world’s slowest train is in Switzerland (world’s slowest train).

Eight diplomats posted at the Russian embassy in Pyongyang had to travel for about 34 hours by rail to reach their homeland with their families. Let us tell you that although the rail line of North Korea connects the whole country from one corner to another, but the maintenance here is very bad. Trains stop at places and move slowly. But due to the slow speed of Glacier Express, it is considered as the slowest train in the world.

Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world

Glacier Express runs on the high hills of Switzerland. It connects Germart and St. Morritz stations. To say this is an express train, whose speed should be higher than normal trains, but it is not so. It covers a distance of about 290 kms in 10 hours. This is the reason why it is called the world’s slowest express train. This Glacier Express was started in the year 1930 amidst the high hills. Initially, the train used to run only in the summer season as there was no movement in the snowy hills. Earlier, passenger coaches were installed in it, which was very problematic. In this, passengers passing between high hills did not get even toilet facilities. Gradually it is improving. In the meantime, the owner companies of the train also changed.

This is the slowest train in the world, while there are many high speed trains, whose speed is astonishing. At the top of these is China’s Shanghai Maglev train. It runs between Shanghai Airport and Longyang Station. Its speed is 431 kilometers per hour i.e. if we talk about one kilometer, then it covers a distance of kilometers in less than 9 seconds. Magnetic force has been used in this train between the track and the rail, which makes it so powerful.

Glacier Express, the slowest express train in the world

Although it is not a matter of pride to be the slowest train, but after getting this status, from Swiss people to tourists from all over the world have started coming to take this experience. While the green or snowy hills are visible in the route of about 290 km, only 91 tunnels and 291 bridges come during this journey. Many times there are high and low slopes passing through the hills. In such a situation, special wine is offered to the passengers so that they do not complain of stomach pain or vomiting.

After this comes the turn of the bullet train of Japan. Japan was the father of modern high-speed trains. The train here called Shinkansen H5 is a bullet train, which connects Tokyo to Nagasaki. Now many models of this train have come, which cover a distance of about 360 km in an hour. The special thing about these trains is that they stop at many stations, yet their speed is so high.