These Non-Veg Dishes of India Will Get You Drooling!

Nowadays, food tourism is on afloat. To enjoy different types of dishes and cuisines, a large number of tourists travel around the world every year due to which food tourism has got a good exposure. There are a lot of popular food spots in India, which are famous for their delicious non-veg dishes.

Non-Veg Dishes of India Will Get You Drooling!

Unique Biryani of Hyderabad and Moradabad is well known to all. Biryani is liked all over the world to a lot of extent. Other than this, there are many more non-veg dishes, which will make you crazy as per taste. Let’s tell you about them.

Fish Curry, West Bengal

Fish Curry, Bengal

Machhi Bhaat is famous dish of West Bengal and it is believed that fish curry is one of the main dishes of Bengal. You will definitely find fish curry to eat, if you are in West Bengal. But definitely you will find the difference in the flavors of East and West Bengal fish curry. Compared to others, Mustard fish curry is very expensive as Hilsa fish is used in its preparation and simultaneously Crab curry is also available. Definitely visit Kolkata once If you want to taste the fish curry.

Mutton Rogan Josh, Jammu and Kashmir

Mutton Rogan Josh, Jammu and Kashmir

Mutton has been popular since the Mughal regime and mutton Kebab, Mutton Rogan, Mutton Korma, Mutton Keema are found all over the country. However, mutton rogan josh is absolutely different and the mutton rogan of Jammu and Kashmir is very tasty. If you are fond of non-veg and want to have the real taste of flavors, definitely visit Kashmir once. It is a traditional dish of Kashmir. The specialty of this dish is that it is free from garlic, onion and ginger. Despite this, mutton Rogan has very specific taste.

Tandoori Chicken, Punjab

Tandoori Chicken

You would have tasted the Chicken Biryani but Tandoori Chicken is also popular in the same way. It is very much liked particularly in Punjab. The taste of Tandoori Chicken doubles if taken with a cold drink. Butter Chicken can also be enjoyed in the same way.