This Cafe in Ahmedabad serves Chai @ Rs 1, Coffee @ Rs 2. Do you want to try?

There is absolutely nothing Chai, Coffee and Food cannot sort. But what if the cup of Chai costs Rs 1? A cup of Coffee Rs 2? Famous Bombay Vadapav and Maskabun at Rs 9? Wel, you’ll find this in Ahmedabad at a Coffee shop.

Located in Gurukul Road of Ahmedabad, Bhoyra Café is the uniquely designed cafe with the cheapest rates Fast Food. Bhoyra Cafe is divided into three parts, one can indulge into the taste of Vadapav and Maskaban at Rs 9 only at the street stall, or the indoors which is uniquely designed with drums and tyres parts or one can enjoy good music, can play snooker, enjoy photography at the underground part of Bhyora café.

cafe serving tea at rs 1 in Ahmedabad

This Cafe in Ahmedabad serves Chai @ Rs 1, Coffee @ Rs 2.

cafe in ahmedabad serving chai at rs 1, coffee at rs 2

The prices may seem like a marketing strategy, but as per the owner of the Cafe Smith Barot, the idea behind coming up with such pricing of the food, chai and coffee is to let needy to fill the stomach. “I belong to a middle class family, I can understand how people suffers with inflation, so I decided to keep the prices of the tea and coffee and sugarcane Juice lower so that people can enjoy good food happily”, he said.

The cafe started in February 2021, it was previously known as Down Town cafe, but later they changed to Bhoyra.

Where : Bhoyra Cafe, ground floor, Drive In Rd, opp. swaminarayan Mandir, Gurukul.

Opening Hours : The cafe starts at Morning 8:00 am to 12:00pm. (But due to curfew, the cafe could be opened till 9:00pm.)

Contact: Smit Barot- 087349 49492