This city is known as Banaras of South; Must Visit once!

The Banaras city has special concernment in Sanatan Dharma. It has gained popularity in the country as well as abroad too. Thousands of tourists visit Banaras every year only due to its popularity. Presently, due to Corona pandemic, the number of tourists has decreased.

In spite of this, a large number of devotees visit Banaras irregardless .  Banaras of South India is also famous worldwide for its religious and historical features. Particularly those who believe in Vastu art, certainly visit Banaras once in their life. If you are also among the planners to visit in due course of time, you can visit the famous city of Belur which is known as of Banaras of South India. Let’s tell you everything about Belur-

Banaras of South India

Belur is known as Banaras of South India. The name of Belur is written in golden pages in the pages of history. The city is 200 km away from Bangalore and is located in the state of Karnataka. It has many religious sites, which are famous for their architectural features.


Halebidu,literaerary means destroyed city . It was the capital of Hoysala dynasty. The synonym of city is Dwarasamudra. The city has an open sky Museum where dancing statue of Lord Shiva and the magnificent statue of mother Sharda can be seen. Apart from this, Halebidu has many historical sites.

Hoysaleshwara Temple

The temple was built in the 12th century. The statue of Lord Shiva is seated in this temple. It is the land mark of the Hoysala regime.It is the most visited temple in Belur.It is the worth seeing regarding architectural point of view. Must visit the Hoysaleshwara temple once when you get a chance.


It is also known as Gateway of Karnataka. Its beauty is worth seeing.  Sri Veer Narayan Temple is vested at here. The temple was built in the 13th century based on the pattern of Hoysala architecture. One can travel to Belavadi by bus also. Chikmagalur is the nearest bus station. According to religious belief, Bakasur was killed by Bhima in Belavadi.