This is India’s oldest and strongest fort, Razia Sultan was also imprisoned here!

Situated in the canal area of the state, adjoining Sriganganagar district on the India-Pakistan border, Bhatner Fort of Hanumaganad town is one of the oldest forts in the country. As per available history, it was established in 255 AD.

 It was established about 1762 years ago on the bank of extinct Saraswati river, presently known as Ghaggar river, is considered to be the oldest and strongest fort of Rajasthan. In autobiography of Taimur Lang, Tuzuk-e-Taimuri,it has been mentioned that he has not seen any other stronger fort in India compared to this.

Stretch over 52 bighas, the history of this fort of 52 turrets, is as magnificent as time-worn today. As per available history, the name of this fort was changed from Bhatner to Hanumangarh as it was conquered on Tuesday. Now people have occupied and settled around the fort and its turrets are almost in a state of collapse.

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A budget of millions has also been spent over the maintenance of this fort by the Archaeological Department. A lot of scams have also taken place over the spent money and CBI enquiry is also going on. The fort, established by Raja Bhupat Singh of Jaisalmer, also established forts in Bhatinda and Sirsa respectively in Punjab and Haryana. Being the Bhati king, the name of this fort was termed Bhatner, in Rajasthan and Bhatinda in Punjab.

As per available history, there was a huge underground tunnel from this fort to Bhatinda in Punjab and Sirsa in Haryana.At the time of alien invaders, entering India, their first confrontation took place with Bhatner. In case the king of Bhatner get defeated in any situation, he would have reached Bhatinda and Sirsa ahead through this underground tunnels and informed them to get sufficient time to attack first.

BHATNER FORT Considered to be one of the oldest forts in India, the Bhatner Fort or Hanumangarh Fort is located on the banks of the river Ghaggar. The importance of the fort

Bhatner is also called the entering point of India because all the foreign invaders, who came to India including the Mughals, had their first confrontation in Bhatner. Queens, committing Jauhar,has also been inscripted in this fort.There is also a Jain temple which is about 1500 years old , which shows the inclination of the kings of this place towards Jain community . It is said that Queen Razia Sultan of Delhi Sultanate was imprisoned in this fort and Lord Parashuram also performed the meditation here on the banks of Saraswati river. The fort of Bhatner is included in the few forts built of limestone in Rajasthan.

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Now nothing has been left to see in this fort. The walls and roofs of the fort have been supported by sticks. People, whether he is foreigner or from the nearby place, are disappointed to see such a pity condition of this oldest fort. In spite of being one of the oldest forts of the country, it could not get the place in the world map of tourism till date.Neigther any government nor archeology department is taking care of its maintenance. In such a situation, there is a question mark over the existence of this ancient heritage, which is getting dilapidated day by day.