This is Sweden’s Iconic Ice Hotel, A Royal Suite Entirely Made up of Ice!

‘Ice Hotel’ the special center of attraction as it melts when season changes.

Many places in the world are known for their unique features. These places attract tourists causing sufficient gathering and ultimately they become the center of attraction for everyone.  Strange hotels have also been developed in many countries in order to promote tourism where one can be surprised to know its rarity. Some where the tourists have to follow special rules to go and at the same time if a hotel have been constructed without roofs and wall. Let us tell you about one such strange ice hotel of Sweden.

Famous Ice Hotel

Sweden has a lot for tourists places with thousands of islands, lakes, mountains and lush forests.Inspite of all this, the Ice Hotel is attraction of everyone. As the name implies, this hotel is made of ice and melts with the change of season. Every part of this hotel, namely walls, furniture, bars etc. are all made of ice and it is converted into river as soon as change of weather takes place as the whole hotel melts.

Permanent status achieved in 2016

For tourists, this hotel is made every year in the winter season i.e. from December to April with Ice. This hotel, entirely made of ice, melts into a river as soon as spring season follows. The source of this hotel is generated from Torn River. Based on the solar powered cooling technology, some parts of this hotel, which is famous among tourists across the world, were given a permanent look out in 2016. It was opened in 1992 for the first time and has many things including a complex, restaurant and ceremony hall which all are made from ice.

The hotel consists of a living ocean suite also, designed by England-based designer Jonathan Green. Corals and fish of this suite make it very attractive.

Millions of people travel to Sweden every year to see this Hotel. This Ice Hotel of Sweden is opened every year up to mid-April.