This is why Puducherry is a perfect place for relaxing vacations!!

Puducherry is the best place, in terms of being away from the crowd for an outing. There are so many beautiful places here that will enhance more fun in your trip to make it memorable . So let us to know about those places of this city without which your journey of Puducherry will be incomplete.

French town

french Town Pudduchery

It is the heritage area and is also known as White Town. It is very close to Rock Beach. The French Town is so beautiful that it can be experienced only after seeing it. The yellow, white, gray buildings tell the saga of their history and the shaking of palm trees influenced by the wind gusts along the road give a magical touch, especially in the evening. Such a panoramic views look like the location of a film set. The view of the restaurant, present in the town, is also very captivating. Different varieties is seen in the catering with a special interior and light music will mesmerize you.


Auroville is a very beautiful city full of sightseeing places. Matrimandir is here only with magnificent architectural craft. It has 12 petals all around. It consists of golden round-shaped discs. This causes the change in sunlight before reaching inside and creates a wonderful atmosphere for people under spiritual practice. This huge temple is supported on four pillars, which symbolize Maheshwari, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati respectively. Anybody can go inside it for performing sadhana.


Rock beach

Sitting on the rock beach, you can calmly watch the turbulent sea waves. It is also called Prominod and Gandhi Beach. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, every sight of the place will make your trip memorable. Big black boulders have been placed here to protect its water from dirty things. For this reason, this beach is not only beautiful but also clean and tidy. Smoking and drinking is completely prohibited while sitting on beach. There are good hotels near the beach from where you can have a clear view.

Paradise beach

This is the best beach here where the water is crystal clear. Apart from having fun, you can also enjoy photography and a variety of water activities. A ferry ride is must when you are here . Its shape looks round when viewed from a distance hence it is also called full moon beach.