Try these famous street food of Ayodhya

In the name of Ayodhya, only Ram temple comes to the mind of most people, but this city of faith is famous for many other things, one of which is the food here. The street foods here are so amazing that once you taste them, you will never forget their taste. In other words, your Ayodhya visit is incomplete without tasting these.

Famous flavors of Ayodhya, without which the journey here is incomplete.


Now a days a different kind of excitement is going on at Ayodhya due to consecration of lord Ram . On this day Ramlala will be shifted in the newly constructed temple. Many celebrities from politics to sports and spirituality are going to participate this grand program. Besides this, invitations have also been sent to about 100 special people of 55 countries for this event.

Though Ayodhya is the city of faith and famous for the Ram temple, yet food of this place is also such that it will be remembered for years. Once you eat  Chaat, Jalebi or Dahi bhalla being sold on small carts…, you will become a fan of all these taste. A trip to Ayodhya is considered incomplete without eating these strong spicy eateries. Let us tell about these flavors which you should not miss.


Chaat of different cities of Uttar Pradesh has a different taste. The taste of chaat is enhanced by the use of sweet and sour chutney, spicy chickpeas, aromatic coriander and other spices. As sun set comes closer in the evening , crowds start gathering at chaat stalls and eating it in winters is more enjoyable.

Dal Kachori:

Puri, Kachori are the most favorite breakfast in the morning.Though various types of vegetables and pulses are stuffed in Kachori, but here in Ayodhya, Kachori made of moong and urad dal is very famous which is served with chutney or vegetable. It has such a wonderful taste that after eating it, the stomach becomes full, but not the mind. Don’t forget to come here and taste it too.

Dahi Bhalla:

Definitely taste Dahi Bhalla, if you want to complete your journey of Ayodhya. The mouth waters when you see Vadas made from pulses with the combination of curd and sweet-sour chutney. It can be tasted in every street here.


There is a lot of variety here for sweet lovers like Jalebi dipped in sugar syrup or laddus that melt in the mouth. You will find a long list of such things here, but along with all these, do not forget to taste the Rabdi here which is very famous item of this place. Rabdi is served with a variety of dry fruits and saffron that doubles its taste.

The best thing is that nobody needs to spend a lot of money to taste these street foods. You can enjoy these wonderful flavors for less spend.